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Getting Started

Let's discover Mind Your Now.

Basics to Get Started

1. It's all about the start date!

Unlike other TO-DO systems, Mind Your Now organizes your tasks by when you plan to start them, and only displays the tasks that you are working on, and the tasks that need to be reviewed.


Don't focus on when things are due, plan for when you need to start them to get them completed in time.

2. Prioritization and Auto-Scheduling

With Mind Your Now, you can assign priorities to your tasks and let the system schedule them for you. This intelligent scheduling takes into account various factors such as the age of the task, its due date, and the schedule(s) you've assigned to it.


Critical Now

Tasks that you must attend to or are currently attending to. You are limited to 5 critical tasks.

Opportunity Now

Tasks that you want to review on a daily basis. You are limited to 20 opportunities.

Over the Horizon

Tasks that want to review in the near future, roughly 10 days. Mind Your Now adjusts this time period based on the number of tasks you have planned to review.

Parking Lot

Tasks that you don't want to forget about, but aren't likely to get to them.


Remember, priorities of tasks can and should change often depending on the circumstances in your life. Mind Your Now makes it easy to change their priority, and helps you determine new appropriate start dates.

3. Custom Schedules

Mind Your Now allows you to create custom schedules for your tasks. For example, you might have a "Work" schedule that only allows tasks to be scheduled between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. When creating a task, simply choose the schedule(s) you want the task to follow. To create or edit schedules, navigate to the Schedules page in the app.


Feel free to adjust the default schedules or create new ones that suit your lifestyle. Use the convenient drag-and-drop system to set up your weekly schedules.

4. Connect Your Calendars

You can now connect your calendar accounts to Mind Your Now, enabling the system to automatically sync your tasks with your calendars. This feature supports Google and Microsoft calendars.

To connect your calendars, navigate to the Calendar Setup page in the app. Here you will find options to sign in with Google and Microsoft. Once connected, your calendars will sync with the app, ensuring your tasks are reflected in your daily schedule.

:::infoCalendar Connection Please note that while you can connect multiple calendars, we recommend using your Google Calendar as your primary calendar. You can connect your Microsoft work calendar, but it should not be used as your primary calendar, as this is not yet supported. If you need to change your connected accounts or made a mistake, don't worry. You can always delete the accounts and reconnect them or start over. :::

5. Connect Your Calendars

To optimize the utility of Mind Your Now, we recommend you connect your calendar accounts. This allows you to synchronize your tasks and events across various platforms, ensuring you never miss an important date. You can connect both your Google and Microsoft calendars to Mind Your Now.

To connect your calendars:

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Under the 'Calendar Accounts' section, click on 'Add Account'.
  3. Choose the account you want to connect (Google first, thenr Microsoft).
  4. Follow the prompts to authorize Mind Your Now to access your calendar.

Do NOT use your Microsoft calendar as your primary calendar, as this is not yet supported.

6. Be Mindful

Mind Your Now provides you a focused view of the present. It will prompt you and guide you towards keeping your mind free of worrying about your tasks and plans.

Completed tasks

Completed tasks will only be available to review for a day after they are completed. Mind Your Now is designed to keep you focused on the present and the future. We'll be providing the ability for you to export all your tasks from your account settings in the near future.

Enjoy Mind Your Now!