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Task Scheduling Enhancements at Mind Your Now

At Mind Your Now, we're always striving to make task management as seamless and intuitive as possible. Our aim is to free up more of your time for the things that truly matter to you. We're excited to share that we've made some significant enhancements to our task scheduling capabilities, further elevating your ability to organize and prioritize your tasks effectively.

Ladybug Update Stabilization

Some of you may remember the Ladybug update we announced earlier, which introduced an AI-powered automatic task scheduling feature. We've been thrilled to see the positive response and valuable feedback from our community. Since its release, our team has been hard at work on stabilizing the Ladybug update. While it was an early preview, we're now confident that the Ladybug update is more stable, providing a seamless scheduling experience.

Introducing Schedule Editors

One of the major enhancements we've added is the Schedule Editor feature. This feature allows you to manually adjust and customize your task schedules as per your needs. While our AI does a great job at automatically scheduling tasks, we understand that sometimes you might need to make manual adjustments. The Schedule Editor is designed to provide you with the flexibility to do just that.

Connecting Your Calendars

To get the most out of Mind Your Now, we've also added the ability to connect your Google and Microsoft calendars. By connecting your calendars, Mind Your Now can schedule your tasks around your personal, family, or work events. Please note that you should set up your Google calendar as your primary account and Microsoft calendar as a secondary one.

We're Just Getting Started

These enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to making Mind Your Now the best tool for task management. We're excited about these changes and we're even more excited about what's to come. As always, we value your feedback. If you have any suggestions, comments, or encounter any issues, please let us know.

Thank you for using Mind Your Now, and stay tuned for more updates!

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Mind Your Now

Introducing Ladybug: Automating Task Scheduling with AI

We are excited to announce our latest update, internally dubbed "Ladybug". This new feature uses real AI to automatically schedule your tasks into calendar events. With Ladybug, you can easily manage your to-do list and free up more time for the things that matter.

What is Ladybug?

Ladybug is an early preview of our new automated task scheduling feature. It uses AI to schedule your tasks around events on your personal, family, or work calendars. This means that you can focus on what you need to do, without worrying about whether you have time to do it.

How Does Ladybug Work?

To use Ladybug, you need to have your Google calendar set up as your primary account. This means that it should be the first calendar listed on your Mind Your Now account. You can then add Microsoft calendar as a secondary calendar, but please note that there may be some issues with stability of the Microsoft support. If you encounter any issues, you can simply delete and reconnect your Microsoft account. We are working to clean up these known issues over the next few weeks.

Once you have set up your calendars, Ladybug can start working its magic. It uses AI to automatically schedule your tasks based on the events on your calendar. Ladybug can also help you organize your tasks into four categories: Critical, Opportunity Now, Over The Horizon, and Parking Lot items. This makes it easy to prioritize and manage your tasks.

Please note that Ladybug is still in early preview, and there may be some issues with the schedule editor and timezone compatibility. We are working to address these issues over time to improve your experience.

How to Use Ladybug

Using Ladybug is easy. Simply log in to your Mind Your Now account and navigate to the new Home/Briefing page. Here, you can see your upcoming meetings and events, as well as your to-do list. Ladybug will automatically schedule your tasks around your events, and you can easily see what you need to do next.

Try Ladybug Today

Ladybug is still in early preview, so there may be a few bugs or missing features. However, we are confident that it will help you manage your tasks more efficiently and free up more time for the things that matter. So why not give it a try today?

To get started, simply log in to your Mind Your Now account and navigate to the new Home/Briefing page. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and make your life easier.

Thank you for using Mind Your Now, and we hope you enjoy the Ladybug update!

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Mind Your Now

Welcome to our early access release of Mind Your Now!

We are excited to finally help everyone sleep peacefully as Mind Your Now helps you easily manage your tasks, so you can focus on reaching your life's plans and goals.

We have many features planned before the V1 release to further enhance the core experience of keeping your plans up to date at all times, so please see our Roadmap to see what's planned.

Meanwhile, we are releasing into early access for a very important reason: You! We want to hear your feedback so that we can fine-tune your experience. Please request, vote, and comment on features that will help you Mind Your Now the most!

Early access means there are likely to be a few bugs lurking about. If you run into a bug that is limiting your ability to experience the basic work flow please email us at

Enjoy Mind Your Now!

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